Thank you for considering us to make a custom leather 

                   “ HAND MADE TO HAND DOWN”

Thank you for considering us to make you a custom product created from our leathers.  We love making custom creations!  But first, we need to do a little homework

Step 1.  Please go to the appropriate section of our website to identify which product you would like us to custom make. (Ex. Pistol Case, Rifle case)

 Step 2.  Next search our entire site for the leather you prefer. All we need is the item number.

 Step 3. Then we will search our inventory for your choice or the closest we have in stock and email the pictures to you.

Step 4.  We offer embroidered initials as well.

Step 5.  We will quote you a price for your custom case. Through PayPal we will send you a proforma invoice.

To get started, simply fill out the form below.  We look forward to creating for you!



Step 1 Form