Our Company

Leather Link Inc. was established in 1985 and is owned by Randall Kent Davis in High Point, NC. Leather Link supplied leather hides to interior designers and architects for commercial and residential interior projects. Growing up in a 3rd generation contract furniture industry and purchasing leather hides from all over the world, our love for leather begin. Being located in North Carolina allows us to upcycle all types of leathers from the furniture industry, therefore Leatherlinkstudio.com was born.

We started in 2010, turning our leather inventory into custom one-of-a kind leather products. Our products now include rifle and pistol cases, shell bags, bird bags and many other leather goods serving the hunting and sporting industries.

My son, Dustin Davis, the next generation, has become an important part of our company and we both look forward to giving you a first class experience and 100% guarantee when you order from Leatherlink LLC.

Leather Link LLC, supports the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution!

Thank you for your interest in our products!!

Randy Davis
Dustin Davis