There are several different types of gun cases. Some are hard shelled and seemingly give more protection from people getting a hold of it, but the soft ones do the same job. They are in fact lighter in weight and easier to carry around. Whichever gun case you choose, you will want to make sure it it lockable, the whole point of a gun case is to make sure the weapon can be kept out of reach of others and yourself when not in use. Something you can easily carry around and customization for your specific type of gun are some other things to look for.

Key Takeaways:

  • A hard shell case made from wood is an historically common choice for gun-user’s to opt for toting their weapon of choice.
  • While a waterproof case is good for keeping out inclement weather, it does mean extra vigilance is needed to make sure the gun is not open to getting rust.
  • One modern and popular choice is the portable and lightweight soft gun and gun accessory case, often made from nylon and lined with soft foam.  These can also be more custom and come in choices of fine leathers.

“A fairly new trend in the gun case business is the waterproof case. Playing on a concept spawned by the photography industry, some case makers now offer a waterproof solution similar to the cases designed to keep high-priced camera equipment free from water damage. There is a good and bad to this design.”

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