4 Ways to Make “Purse-Concealed Carry” More Secure

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Whether it is safe or unsafe to carry a gun in your purse depends on the situation. It is very easy to gain access to a purse so it might not be safe for you or any children that could end up having your gun. Others believe that having a gun no matter what is what is most important. If you do decide to keep your concealed carry weapon in your purse, you should make sure that it is done properly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gun enthusiasts have varying opinions on the safety of concealed carry purses.
  • The safest thing you can do if using a concealed carry purse is simply to keep your purse with you at all times.
  • Also, choose a concealed carry purse that has specific safety features such as a locked compartment and straps reinforced with wire.

“Carrying a gun in a purse… Is it safe or unsafe? As you might imagine, answers vary.”

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