It is important when buying a gun case to have in mind which characteristics are most important to you. While it is true that gun cases are either considered hard or soft, there are quite a few more variables to take into consideration. The size of the case, whether or not you need it to be water proof, and whether or not the case is equipped with a lock or other safety measures are important considerations to make. These are especially important to know if you intend on flying with the cases as there are many rules regarding this.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are other factors involved in choosing a gun case other than the typical decision between a hard and a soft case.
  • When it comes to hard cases, some of the typical materials include lightweight aluminum, or wood, which gives the case a unique look.
  • Depending on how many guns you are traveling with, you should always choose the proper size of the case to avoid any issues.

“These cases feature foam padding to protect your gun from impacts as well as keep them secured and in place. Different cases have different foam densities. A lower-end case might have thick foam or it may be so thin you can feel your gun shift as soon as you pick the case up.”

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