If you have a gun lover in your life, gift giving may be hard for you. Experts recommend not purchasing them a gun unless you know exactly what they want, so what do you get them? To start, ammunition is a great gift to give a gun lover. A gift certificate to a training class is also a great idea for someone who’d love some more practice. Medical kits are also useful in case any accidents arise. Finally, any sort of gun accessory would work. To sum, skip buying an actual gun and go for recommended gun products for the gift of a lifetime.

Key Takeaways:

  • You really should only give a gun as a gift if you know exactly what they want in a firearm.
  • Also, gun laws vary considerably in each state, so purchasing a gun for someone else could end up being a very expensive mistake.
  • Giving ammunition as a gift is a no-brainer because as any avid shooter understands, it’s a pricey hobby and you can run out of ammo fast!

“Many have realized that it’s not a very good idea to buy someone a gun unless they know exactly what that person wants”

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