Review of the Cantamount Fury

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The Cantamount Fury is a Chinese imitation of the Saiga 12 shotgun. The Cantamount Fury uses five-shot detachable box magazines, and includes rails for mounting optics, flashlights and other accessories. At about $450, it is much less expensive than the Saiga, but magazines are unusually pricey, at $35 each. The Cantamount Fury is a heavy weapon, and its relatively new arrival limits the number of compatible accessories available. It generally shoots well, although the magazines tend to work better after they’ve gotten some use as opposed to brand new.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is hinged dust cover so that your vision will be as clear as ever while using the scope.
  • Buyers can purchase this AK at only $450 at most local retail locations, which is very affordable for its type.
  • Each lighter load is successfully handled with the gun’s gas system which is built with adjustable settings.

“The Cantamount Fury features interchangeable chokes and comes with a full, modified, and cylinder chokes. Of course there is a bolt hold open as well. Also, normally they came with two five round mags, but his distributor gave him a deal and the few he had in stock came with five mags.”

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